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R570,500 – R608,200




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We condensed 10 years of driving into a non-stop six month test over different road conditions, most of which was spent towing a fully laden trailer. The Transit Custom passed with full marks. This advanced, highly fuel-efficient engine is designed for durability. The Auto-Start-Stop switches off the engine when you come to a halt and restarts smoothly when you want to move off, reducing fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

The Transit Custom is the compact van in the Transit range. Setting the benchmark for efficiency and loadspace with great fuel economy & emissions, thanks largely to fuel-saving ECOnetic technologies like Auto Start-Stop and Smart Regenerative Charging. It’s not surprising that it was awarded the prestigious International Van of the Year award in its launch year. Like all Ford Transits, the Transit Custom has durability in its DNA. A relentless testing programme ensures that it’s a vehicle that lasts.




Intelligent Load Space

It’s larger on the inside than it looks on the outside. Load three europallets or 5.95m of cargo. Standard 8′ x 4′ boards fit lying down or standing. With the flexibility of the new load-through bulkhead, items up to three metres long can be carried. And that’s just the short wheelbase (SWB) model. Transit Custom long wheelbase (LWB) offers up to 8.29m of cargo capacity and can carry items over three metres long.



New Start-Stop Technology

Working in conjunction with the new TDCi Euro Stage VI engine, this system can lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in heavy traffic. It automatically switches off the engine when idling, then re-starts it the instant you touch the clutch. Considering that a vehicle’s engine is rarely used continually on city journeys, this fuel saving technology makes perfect sense in the real world.

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